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Check back for updates on the 2017-2018 Calendar of Events!
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Upcoming Events  
6/14 – 6/15/2018 APICS Conference Best of the Best – S&OP Conference – Chicago, IL
9/30-10/2/2018 APICS 2018 Conference APICS 2018 Leadership Conference – Chicago, IL
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APICS of Central Georgia, for updates and details!
Previous Events  
5/8/2018 APICS SE District Webinar Managing Your Metrics: Making Sure Your Measurements Deliver Desired Results
4/18/2018 APICS SE District Webinar Five Things You Can Do This Week to Reduce Inventory
3/30/2018 APICS SE District Webinar Lead the People & Manage the Process
3/3/2018 APICS SE District Meeting APICS Southeast District Meeting – Savannah, GA
2/13/2018 Rusty Brown Plant Tour: Farmers Furniture – Dublin, GA
1/31/2018 APICS SE District Webinar Supply Chain Visibility in the E-Commerce Age
2/8/2018 APICS SE District Webinar 16 Ways Your Leadership Approach Can Kill Innovation in the Supply Chain
12/7/2017 APICS Extra Webinar APICS Extra Live: Drive Top-Line Growth with Triple-Bottom-Line Thinking
11/7/2017 David Maloof Plant Tour: Trane Residential Systems – Vidalia, GA
10/26/17 APICS Extra Live Maximized Scheduling at Nature’s Bounty with the Product Wheel Accelerator
10/17/2017 APICS SE District Webinar The Magical World of Supply Chain Sensors
10/15-10/17/17 APICS 2017 Conference Leadership Conference – San Antonio, TX
10/11/17 APICS Vendor Webcast Planning to Capacity, Sponsored by Quintiq
9/20/2017 Albert Terrazas Plant Tour: Polymer Logistics – Dublin, GA
8/10/2017 APICS SE District Webinar Tactical Material Flow Management
7/18/2017 APICS SE District Webinar 3 Practical Ideas to Reduce Inventory
6/16 – 6/17/2017 APICS SE District Meeting APICS Southeast District Meeting – Nashville, TN
6/14/2017 APICS Webinar Making It Count – Designing, Executing and Sustaining Supply Chain Transformations
6/1/2017 APICS Extra Webinar Are Suppliers Limiting Your Inventory Freedoms
5/24/2017 APICS SE District Webinar Augmenting Reality in Supply Chain
5/9/2017 Scott Luton Social Media 101 @ The Dublin Country Club
4/25/2017 APICS SE District Webinar Mobile Technology in Supply Chain
4/21/2017 Ken Carswell Plant Tour:  Easter Seals – Dublin, GA
2/8-4/5/2017 Tianna Marynell CPIM Certification:  Basics of Supply Chain Management
11/10/2016 Ernie Reed Plant Tour:  Tractor Supply Distribution – Macon, GA
9/22-9/30/2016 South University Workshop Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Workshop
9/16/2016 Trey Kaufmann Plant Tour:  Parker Aerospace – Dublin, GA
3/31/2016 Dr. Karl Mandrodt Georgia College of Logistics – Student Presentations
1/14/2016 Craig West Huddle House’s Expanding Supply Chain
11/7/2015 David Porter Georgia Ports Authority Tour – Port of Savannah
9/17/2015 David Roberts LEAN at Chick-fil-A
5/14/2015 David Porter Georgia Ports Authority Updates
2/10/2015 Alexander Kehrer Plant Tour:  Erdrich – Dublin, GA
12/4/2014 Patrick Kaye How to Bring Work Back to America
9/25/2014 Sheri Gross Update on the Economy and Stock Market